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Best home-based businesses for making extra money

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In the past few years, high-speed internet, availability of advanced applications and devices, and changing attitudes in people about work have given have invented multiple new ways of making money. Working from home is no longer a distant dream but a living reality for millions.

There’s nothing more comforting than being your own boss. So, if you also want to work independently as per your rules, this article is for you. We’ll tell you about the best home-based businesses that you can start with a low budget and minimum space.

  1. Become a seller on eBay- Though eBay did not exist 20 years ago, it has emerged as the most reliable platform to set up your own business. However, there is enormous competition and it is not a place for the lazy ones. As an eBay seller you have to be polite and quick, and ship items at the earliest.
  2. Open a coaching centre- Opening a coaching centre is another excellent way to make some extra money sitting at home. Whichever subject you are good at, start teaching it. If students find your classes helpful, more and more will keep enrolling their names. Also, all you need is a whiteboard and some markers and you’re good to give it a start.
  3. Offer home-cooked meals to people- If you are good at cooking, you can consider giving home-delivery of delicious foods. This is again something you can do from home and food is something that is always in demand.
  4. Photography- Although everybody with a smartphone thinks that he is an excellent photographer, there is still demand for professional photographs. If you have the passion for it, why not give it a shot? Whether you want to be a fashion photographer or a wildlife photographer, the choice is completely yours.
  5. Airbnb hosting- Airbnb can be defined as the human equivalent of food and a doggie bed. This website is currently giving a tough time to hotel businesses around the globe. You can rent part of it or the entire house to visitors and get paid for it. So, if you have some extra space, isn’t this the best home-based business?
  6. Jewelry making- If you are a creative person who enjoys making jewelry, think of it as a profession. Handmade jewelry is always high in demand because of their uniqueness. There are several sites where you can sell your products at great prices.
  7. Freelance writing- Freelance writing is again something you can do from your home and without having to invest anything at all. All you require is a laptop or a computer and of course, to be a good writer. There are lots of opportunities in this area and freelancing exists in many forms.


There are several other home-based business options such as starting cooking classes, music teaching, opening a bakery, making jam, podcasting etc. As more and more people prefer to work from home these days, competition is there is every field. So, research well and do something you are good at to achieve guaranteed success.

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