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Low investment business ideas for food lovers like you

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Food is a major part of our life and therefore, always in demand. So, food businesses are always profitable. If you are passionate about eating, cooking or feeding, this article is for you. If you enjoy cooking new recipes and tasting them, here are some excellent ideas to make money doing what you love:

  1. Bakery- As opposed to opening a restaurant that requires a lot of money, you can think about having your own bakery. You can learn multiple recipes of cookies, cakes and breads from the internet and start on a small scale.


  1. Papad making- Papad making is again a small business idea and it is mostly home-based. You can start doing this with minimum investment. You can start selling in your neighborhood and to your friends and colleagues in the beginning. If you are good at it, soon you’ll have many permanent customers.


  1. Pickle making- Just like papad making, pickle making is also a home-based business and is also small scale. Pickles are extremely popular, consumed widely and available in different flavors.


  1. Nutrition coach- If you are a health conscious person and have good food habits, becoming a nutrition coach is a superb idea. However, you require proper training to be a certified nutrition coach. Also, you need to look and stay fit to make people believe in you.


  1. Home delivery- In every city the demand for home delivery of good-quality food is ever increasing. Students staying away from home, working professionals and senior citizens mostly rely on home delivery of meals. For daily consumption, people prefer simple home-cooked food instead of oily- spicy foods prepared at restaurants. So, if you love to cook, start feeding people and make money out of it.


  1. Catering business- If you are good at planning and handling people, you can try your luck at catering services. Even if you find it difficult in the initial stage, you’ll learn to manage everything gradually and become a pro in it.


  1. Start cooking classes- If cooking is something you love why not make some money teaching people your favorite recipes? For starting cooking classes you do not need a big investment. You can start with your colleagues and neighbors.


  1. Become a food reviewer- If all you want to do is sit back and eat mouth-watering foods, there is still a way of making money. Create a Youtube channel along with a Facebook page and become a food reviewer. You need to take no pains other than going to various restaurants, trying out different cuisines and reviewing them based on categories like quality, quantity, price, nutritious value etc. Once you start gaining followers, restaurants will pay you to taste their items.


All of the ideas we have mentioned above are easy to implement and low-cost. Always remember that before trying your luck in food business, there are some things you can never ignore. You have to know about food safety as well as food handling to avoid unfortunate occurrences.

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