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Innovative ways of making money through blogging

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Blogging and making money is not something unattainable these days. You do not need to be famous or attract a huge traffic for it. However, both these factors determine the amount of money you earn from the blog of yours. If your content is entertaining and valuable, you can earn money. If you want to know how, read the complete article to learn all about it.

Use these tricks to make money as a blogger:

  1. Use advertising programs

You can use advertising programs to earn money. Putting ads on the pages of your blog will prove beneficial for you.

  1. Use affiliate programs

If you opt for affiliate marketing, a company agrees to pay commission to you for assisting them in selling their products. When visitors like the product after seeing the ad on your page, they follow the link and purchase the product. Each time this happens, you get paid.

  1. Do blogging for a company

If as a blogger you get hired by a reputable company, you can get a good salary. Most businesses have started taking online marketing seriously. The trick is to find one such company that require/ want the services. After that you have to persuade them to hire you in case you do not have a high profile at present.

  1. Blog sponsorship

Blog sponsorship is a trend that is growing fast as more and more businesses are realizing the market reach of experienced bloggers as well as the popularity. Companies approach reputed bloggers and pay them to advertise their services and products as they have many followers. The only problem with this option is that you already need to have a fan base for being able to allure sponsorship.

  1. Freelance blogging

There are several companies looking for freelance bloggers and willing to pay them good money in exchange of useful content. Payment models differ but the most common one is a fixed salary every month for a certain number of posts. There are several websites where you can look for these jobs and use your free time to do blogging.

  1. Selling telecourses, ebooks etc via your blog

Another way of making doing blogging is by dealing with intellectual property. If you can sell consulting services and ebooks by writing about them in your pages, you’ll get money for doing so.

  1. Create a blog for advertising specific service/ product

Blogs are rapidly becoming a trendy platform to sell products and services. You can design your blog in such a way and promote any particular brand and their products. They’ll give you money each time someone buys those products through your blog.


When it comes to blogging, choose a field in which you have knowledge and experience to make your blog posts unique and informative. To become rich through blogging you have to be really good at it. So, most bloggers do it as a part-time thing to earn some extra money. With time you’ll have a bigger audience, increasing your income as a blogger.

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