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Business guide: six effective ways of increasing sales

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Want to witness a dramatic increase in sales of your company’s products or services? Then, all you need to do is shift the focus of your sales from alluring new customers to establishing long-term relationships with the existing ones. When it comes to sales, the key prospect is the prospect that has already been converted. In simple words, your current customers are your key to success.

If you are not happy with the sales and want to do something about it, this article is for you. Here are some helpful ideas to help you grow your sales:

  1. Give incentives to your staff

There has to be something that can act as motivation to make your employees try harder. So, offer incentives such as cash, trips, home appliances etc. to the sales staff members who can generate maximum sales. This will result in a healthy competition among them and turn out in your favor.

  1. Teach the sales department to start suggestive selling

Suggestive selling means selling those products to a particular customer that he requires. In order to persuade a customer to buy a thing, you need to make him realize the utility of it. So, ask your sales staff to commence suggestive selling. This means studying the customers and suggesting relevant products instead of convincing them to experiment with random products.

  1. Using existing customers to get more customers

If you have an event or a promotion coming up, inform your customers about it. They’ll not just come back but also bring more visitors along with them. Some of those visitors will become your customers. So, giving your buyers the inside scoop by calling them, announcing on social media, or emailing are great ideas.

  1. Establish long-term relationships with customers

There is an obvious and clear difference between your regular customers and the new ones. You need to show the regular customers that they are valued. Everybody loves special treatment and making customers feel special will make them your permanent allies. Offering credits, and addressing them by their names are two simple suggestions.

  1. Introduce customer rewards program

Most large businesses have customer rewards programs to encourage customers to shop more. A reward program can be as simple as giving discount on the customer’s birthday. Done right, these rewards programs will not just increase sales but also help you earn loyalty of customers.

  1. Distribute free products

Why do you think so many businesses distribute free samples to customers? The reason is that it can increase their sales in multiple ways. The person who purchased the one product might end up liking the free sample of the other product. They might also pass it on to a friend or a colleague who can become a potential customer. Even if a customer doesn’t buy the product, he’ll at least have warm thoughts about the company and recommend other people to try out the products.


We hope that our expert tips will be helpful to you. Apply these sure-fire ways to achieve your goals.

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