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Excellent customer service tips to gain long-term customers for your business

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Satisfactory customer service is any business’s lifeline. You may slash prices or offer promotions to attract new customers, but unless they keep coming back to you, you won’t be able to make profits in the long run. This is why you need to take customer service seriously.

Good service to customers will ensure that they come back to you. Also, if your customers are happy with you, they’ll give positive feedback to their friends and acquaintances. This is how you grow your business.

Rules for superior customer service:

  1. Answer the phone- The first important rule of customer service is to answer the business phone. Make sure that there is someone to pick up the call and talk to the customer as people prefer a person to a recorded robot. Remember that no customer calls unless there is a complaint or a query.
  2. Listen to the customers- There is nothing more exasperating that talking to someone who doesn’t pay attention. If you are interested in offering satisfactory customer facilities, try to be helpful. The customer should get the message that you are not just listening but also willing to help him. Once the customer is done, suggest the best possible solution.
  3. Be helpful- Do not always think about your profit. Try to help customers even if it doesn’t profit you immediately. Suppose someone stops by your store to ask directions, if you are polite and jovial, he’ll definitely pay you a visit.
  4. Avoid making fake promises- This is one of the most important rules of customer service. You shouldn’t make fake promises to customers. Reliability has to be there in any kind of relationship- whether it is personal or professional. So, think carefully and make promises that you can fulfill.
  5. Address their complaints- You need to take your customers’ complaints seriously and resolve them at the earliest. Suppose a customer gets a defective product and you do not replace it, you’ll lose a customer. On the other hand, if you replace the faulty product, they start trusting you.
  6. Train your employees- Giving proper training to your employees is a must. Train them to be courteous, helpful and knowledgeable.
  7. Be friendly- A friendly approach will help you gain more customers. For instance, when someone enters your store and looks for something, instead of giving directions, take the customer to the item. Ask him if he has any question or further needs. People always notice these little things, these kind gestures. Also, kindness doesn’t cost you money.
  8. Offer something extra- Whether it is a discount coupon, a demo on how to use a product or a genuine smile, everybody loves to get more than what they expect. So, try to offer something extra without suffering any losses.


Apply the above-mentioned eight rules and people will appreciate your customer service. You’ll have a good reputation in the market. Satisfactory customer service will also reward you with more permanent customers in the long run.

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