Friday, December 8th, 2023
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Challenges in the Telecommunication Industry and Ways to deal with them

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This year is undoubtedly the most different one in the recent history. The spread of coronavirus has changed the scenarios across all the industries around the world. Telecommunication is not exceptional. There are newer demands based on the requirements of the time that has presented before the industry newer challenges altogether. Here are the biggest challenges this year facing the telecom industry-

  • Demand for Instant and Personalized Services:

The prime job of telecommunication industry is to provide the customers with assistance. With the growth of the pandemic, the necessity for personalized services has grown more than ever. However, because of the absence of many employees (thanks to the pandemic), it has become difficult to provide the customers with satisfactory service. As a result, customers are experiencing longer time to wait than usual. Customers are going through multiple executives before getting their issues solved or sometimes just automated responses.

  • Complexities in the previous ways of operations:

The products these days are millions in number. With the outbreak of the pandemic, the option of dealing face-to-face is not even an option these days. So the pressure is more than ever on the telecommunication industry. Apart from that, because of the constant demand from the customers for a quickest solution the workload has become really huge. Due to this, handling even the simplest of issues has become more complicated than ever.

  • The necessity of work from home:

Work from home is the best options available across the world for ensuring the health of people amidst this pandemic. That is why; the telecom industry is unable to call the employees into their contact centers for work. Telecom industry depends mainly on their employees to guide the employees around the world. This work from home situation has made that process difficult. In some telecom companies, the connection with the customers depends mainly on center-based technologies. This situation has made the job almost impossible there.

  • Security threats:

Technology was a welcome intrusion almost in every industry around the world. However, with the more dependence on technology, the cyber threats have become more common than ever. This whole working from situation has made the cyber threat more severe. Because of all this, in order to ensure cybersecurity the telecom industry needs to upgrade their technologies.

  • Online competition:

Messaging applications like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger has made the market competition tougher than ever. Many of the previous customers are getting away because of the facilities offered by these applications. In order to stay in the business in such situation, the telecom industries need to implement these services for sure.

In order to deal with these challenges the industry could start-

  • Migrating to the usage of digital channels such as WhatsApp, Messenger etc.
  • Making the process of automation a priority in the business. This could help decreasing the waiting time for the customers.
  • Applying techniques like live chats to make one employee able to deal with multiple customers together.
  • Implementing cloud technology.

In order to stay in the front line of business, telecom industry needs to take these steps.

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