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How to Improve the Promotion of Your Product on Amazon

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This is the digital era and Amazon is one of the biggest markets available for your product. There are, however,numerous numbers of sellers too fighting for their space. So, in order to become successful in the business one needs to be tactful in their ways of promotion at Amazon marketplace. Here are some tips that might prove to helpful to stand out as a seller-


  • Implement SEO:

SEO or search engine optimization is a technique using which one might become successful in attracting many potential buyers to the products they are selling. This technique mainly operates through keyword search process. So, using popular keywords may help increase the visibility of a product and also the chances of making a sell. There are tools like Google Keyword Planner and Scope for helping the sellers with this purpose.

  • Welcome Sponsored Product Ads:

SEO is good but not enough. In order to ensure that a product makes the top of the search results, a seller might take help of sponsored ads available for this purpose. One needs to pay for these ads but these ads increase the visibility of the seller by manifold. So, a seller gets more customers and the items get sold easily. The best feature of availing this facility is that one needs to pay only if a customers clicks on it. So, Amazon promotion is worth every penny spent.

  • Become visible on social media:

People these days live more in the virtual world than in the real one. This is why social media platforms have become so important for business. If a seller shares their Amazon listing on their social handles or on the social media pages dedicated for business then chances of making the product visible to the shopper increases for sure. The best option is to use a separate business profile or social handle for this purpose.

  • Analyze Competitors:

Staying ahead of other sellers and their products is necessary for the purpose of internal visibility on Amazon. For this purpose proper analysis of the competitors is necessary.  One needs to constantly monitor the price (should not be more than other sellers for the same product), images (crystal clear images make good impact regarding the product) and text (using proper keywords is important to make it to the top of the search list) for this purpose.

  • Make influencers partners:

Influencers can help make a sell easily using their big fan followings. Social media influencers are important part of business these days and a good partnership with them is extremely helpful for the marketing of the product.

  • Good product ratings is a must:

Now everything might fall apart if the rating of a specific product is not good. Ultimately making it to the top of the search list doesn’t mean a thing if a shopper does not make a purchase. So, a seller should constantly monitor the ratings of their products. Staying clean and honest about a product, good customer service, helping disappointed buyers might help get good ratings.

These are the simple tips using which one might make their Amazon visibility better.

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