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Startups in India that Promises much this Year

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Every minute numerous ideas of startups grow around the world. The sad part is, most of them vanishes within the very first year of their first appearance. The promising part is governments around the world are boosting up the startups for the growth of the country. Amidst all this, the startups with capabilities stand out in the race and survive. Here is the list of Indian startups with promising future-

  • ShareChat:

ShareChat is another messenger service with bigger potential than the other platforms of similar categories. Until now, the local languages of a particular states in India had been overlooked. ShareChat is the first application to give importance to that. Presently, this application provides messaging services in fourteen languages available in India. Currently this startup has big international investors and they are making money by the advertising.

  • Dunzo:

This is another cab service however it operates locally in India. Whether it is to run to a friend’s house or pick up a file, Dunzo is always there to help. Currently, it is operating across India in Bengaluru, Delhi, Gurgaon, Pune, Mumbai and Hyderabad. They also provide bike taxi for people with lower budget for travelling. Google funded this company in 2017 and it has grown huge since then.

  • Simba Craft Beer:

This is another very promising Indian startup. It was launched in 2016 and since then it has grown a lot bigger. The company is based in Chhattisgarh. Their beer is available in several cities across India- Delhi, Goa, Assam etc. This beer company offers two types of beer- wheat and stout beer. Generally, they make thirty-five rupees profit for every bottle. This promising startup company has made more than hundred crore revenue already and it aims to make more.

  • Milkbasket:

This startup company offers an application for delivering grocery on an every day basis. From fruits and bread to milk and vegetables- Milkbasket provides its customers with everything. The company is based in Gurugram. Presently it operates mainly across Delhi. It has acquired a PSR supply chain company of Bengaluru recently.

  • Bounce:

This is one of the most promising startup that offers bike-sharing facilities. The company is primarily based in Bengaluru. Currently it operates more than sixty thousand rides every day. Though currently the company is mainly based in India, it has much to offer in near future.

  • Fit: was founded in 2016. This is an application that helps its customers to acquire a better lifestyle and diet. From food to fitness and meditation, Cure.Fit is the answer to all the queries and provides all kind of assistance possible. This startup company has its branches for dealing with difference kinds of necessities of the customers. For instance, Cult.Fit operates several gyms, Eat.Fit offers healthy food options and Mind.Fit takes care of the mental wellness of the customers. In the previous years, after the start of the company, Cure.Fit has acquired several other brands as well. Cult and The Tribe are two such names.

These are the startup companies based in India that has a promising future to offer.

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