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Things Startups should Know about HR

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Starting up a new business needs all the plans in the world. The maiden companies need to work hard just to stay floating in the market till the time the business starts making actual profit. Amidst all this, caring about HR might seem like luxury. However, the truth is, having a proper HR planning from the beginning might be extremely healthy for the work environment of the company. Taking care of the needs of the employees creates a great impact in the company’s portfolio in front of the investors. Here are the main areas a startup company should take note of-

  • Having a proper Organizational Design:

It is not possible to have a detailed organizational structure for a startup company. However, with some time and effort a solid outline could be easily drawn. Having a basic structural idea helps the business grow further with a proper vision in mind and gives the HR a shape as well.

  • Recruitment Process:

No matter if a startup company hires a single employee or a hundred, the HR team should have a clear idea of the process of arranging an interview and keep all the necessary paperwork ready for the purpose. Generally a new employee needs an offer letter, a job agreement and many other things.

  • Compensations and benefits:

The main job of HR department of any company is to look after the needs of the employees and ensure them a good work environment. Recruitment is not enough. The employees must be made enticed to stay with the company. Launching several packages to compensate for their hard work, offering them several professional benefits could help in the process. The salary structure should indicate such compensation. Apart from that, there should be the facilities of paid day offs for being sick or a vacation.

  • Employee employer relation:

In every business there must comes many moments when being the boss one needs to deal with the grievances of the employees. That is why; the HR should always be ready for such a time with the proper policies for business conduct, for continuous monitoring of the work situation and listen to the complaints of the employees. They should also have a map of dealing with such problems.

  • Health and safety of the employees:

The motto of HR in any company is to provide a healthy work environment to its employees. Taking care of the health of the employees is must in that regard. So, the office should have a safe working place with available emergency exit routes and action plans. The company should also offer first aid if such time arises.

  • Training and development:

Providing the employees with enough opportunities for training is important for their individual growth and the growth of the company in general. That is why; the HR department of any company should have a proper planning for such training programs. True, the startup companies cannot afford a lot of money on this but they can consider inexpensive options available for this.

Finally, in order to maintain a healthy work environment the company must maintain all this.

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