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How technology is changing the marketing strategy?

how technology is changing the marketing strategy?
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The last century has seen more technological innovations than any other human history combined and the pace is only increasing. Businesses that stick with these innovations and encourage them are on top of competitors to cut the word around us, marketers are looking for new ways to reach their audience and engage with them in meaningful ways. Thus, an important position and gathering for a stage of technology. Some of the technology solutions that today’s marketers need to evaluate for the location of the break line.

From sponsored ads to interactive billboards, new technologies mean that on average one person gets over 5,000 ads a day. And while data science, fintech, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and virtual reality are rarely new concepts, they seem to have new twists, especially across marketing – especially across all areas of marketing.

More personalized, more imaginative, more original

The development of technology over the past decade has brought a myriad of unique solutions to business marketing challenges.

Just three years ago the market had 5,000 Martek (marketing and technology) solutions for everything from advertising and promotion to trade and sales. Fast forward to 2020 and the number of suspicions has increased.

Together, Martek solutions help businesses achieve their goals and objectives through marketing campaigns, while bringing more effective, imaginative and engaging content to consumers.

Take Spotify, for example. Every year since 2013, the digital music streaming service has provided users with an overview of their most played songs, albums and top artists by compiling listening habits every year.

Data science and analytics gave users a unique insight into their streaming behavior, it persuaded them to share on social media – and strengthened the brand and presence of the business. The charm and creativity of this promotion not only allows Spotify, but also allows users of the service to tap into their own interests and aspirations data without even realizing it.

More novel and exciting work roles are being created than ever before

Ignore the old thinking that job displacement will become a reality for advanced practice of modern technology. Fear not – we’re not there yet, and it doesn’t look like we’ll ever be.

If you’re trying to break into marketing, you’re entering for a very exciting time. As the most creative area of business where the customer will be at the top of almost every decision you make, the role in marketing will continue to diversify and evolve and look very different from what they did exactly a decade ago.

Introduction such as:


  • Digital Brand Manager
  • Director of eCommerce Marketing
  • Chief Experienced Officer (CXO)
  • Digital strategist


Remember to stay relevant

It is a matter of understanding what happens next. Creating space for development while adapting to technology and being resilient is important because the focus shifts away from more traditional themed advertising.

With more time spent on tablets, laptops and cell phones than ever before, businesses are struggling to attract their desired audience, give them the best possible experience and build their brand in the process.

And as digital marketing changes the way business is conducted, it also changes academia. In late 2019, Hong Kong’s Faculty of Business and Economics designed and launched the MSc for the University Marketing Program, with the goal of equipping the next generation   .

Effect  measurement

The Advent of Digital Marketing Consider Something About Pre-determined Outcomes The lion of marketing is the position of intuition depending on the backing by unfortunate information. Let’s start with the results of the brand’s digital action caricatures. Marketers start testing online activities, activities and customer engagement.

The results of online promotions on technology subscribers and stage should end.Marketers can use Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics and other tools to evaluate metrics such as reach, impressions, engagement, etc. In addition, social listening tools such as Talkwalker and Meltwater can be deployed to understand consumer feelings.Data visualization tools, such as Tables, PowerBi, and Google Data Studio help marketers easily view, analyze, and consume data through reports and dashboards for effective insights. Going forward, the world includes brands that can identify the best ways to gain technology for marketing. Marketers need to be on their feet to keep up with the technology, which is the key to staying ahead of their competition.

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